Kayne West : Late Registration

Zzzzzzzz... Zzzzz...

Go ahead and get mad. Wake me up when this one is over. Don't get me wrong there are some impressive pieces of production scattered about. Some smart collaboration attempts. And Gold Digger is that amper. Nas puts down a nice verse. About time. But this late registration just makes me sleepy, drains my seratonine levels, clouds my vision a bit. Feels like six months of darkness or something, I may need to install sun lamps in my living quarters to revive my spirit that Kayne unpurposely depleted.

I'll probably be poked with sticks and beaten with cast iron rods for my statements against hiphop's media darling. But I can only be honest. Don't you want that ?

Kayne is starting to remind me of Eminem in the fact that they both seem to partake in the creation of an innovative song here and there but the content of their albums doesn't stray to far off the beaten path. We know you love yah mom Kanye. We respect that. We know that life was hard and people gave you a hard time but inspite of that you made it through and you're much better then all the rest. We also know you just love the ladies and you never neglect to mention you enjoy and expect fellatio from dem hoes. But dude I really don't care and I'm not sure who else but a listening groupie hoe does.

I digress,
shot out to Killah Cam. Though I'm sure you couldah come better on that track and sizzled it just that much more.



The Grind Date : De La Soul

This is grown folks music , not to be confused with frivilous speak and emcees that lie, never practice what they preach, patience has been breeched across this globe, something don't smell right like if you don't agree, seems to me somethin's wrong wit yah nose.

Posers get exposed as if under the black light, stop actin like these frauds rap tight, pollutin the record pool, rap alchemist? right, these dudes is diggin for fools gold... Les-tor Manchestor wreck shop with present day hiphop... What you didn't know?

Hey even Les gets motivated to drop a bar or two once that vinyl spins the tunes of these perfect models for what emcees ought to embody. Sheer confidence and lyrical dexterity not to mention the ability to rock hole in the wall clubs to NYC ultimate Summer Stages.

The Grind Date consists of an assortment of rough tracks for your ears and lyricism that's uncomparable to any other. It's ridculous how De La Soul has stood the test of time and on every album the group comes consistant with hiphop quotables as far as this Manchestor is concerned. De La Soul is not the first you hear mentioned in Hiphop discussions of utter dopeness. Seems that even self proclaimed hiphop gurus don't acknowledge the living Native Tongue Legend's as being amongst the illest to ever breath rhyme. They sorta get forgotten like the quiet kid on field trips. But I guess that's just sometimes how it be.

One wonders what would have become of the careers of these musketeers of real talk had they not early on dealt with sampling issues (Took an L for sampling the Turtles). Where some groups would have probably, ceased breathing after such a dilemma. De La Soul continued on despite that and many flucuating situations pertaining to their label home. These young men from LI aka Strong Island over the years have grown into close to perfect blueprints for fatherhood of rap seeds cultivating diverse sound beds with the right amount of this and that for fruitful releases to sustain hungry and eager audiences.

It's like junior high still for me awaiting a new De La release. Big Wizards performing spells worldwide and in your local cd's disk player.

Yeah but what about The Grind Date ?

Well er uh cop it and listen for yourself you don't need me to describe each track. The album is dope and you oughtah be ashamed looking for critques.


Encore : Layover

Stop Sleeping on the West. Just stop it. Encore provideds listeners with a honest record that deserves attention. This is grey area rap! Real dude. 'Real Talk' like the title of one track featuring Ladybug Mecca that holds her weight like she's weightless. No gunplay no overly righteous speak either just true to the heart hiphop lyrics and groovy beats to accompany them as they enter your ear holes.

More to come... Possible interview... We'll see.


Turf Talk - The Street Novelist

Man you gottah love it when a dude does what he does with no regard for what you or the rest of the world may think they think about his music. It's unfortunate that in New York City during prime time on the 2 main so called 'Hiphop & R&B' playin stations (Snot 97 & No Power 105) that you won't hear any of this airtime deserving record's spin.

More to come shortly.