Lil Wayne - "I'm Me" - Produced By Nasty Beatmakers

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Stop please...

Red & Meth Broken Language 2008

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Jay-Z - "I Know"

Listen to the Cherish album sampler online


Eve Mendes strips for PETA. Nude photo here!

Eva Mendes needs a tan... Click on the photo for larger version so you can download it as a wallpaper you perves...


G4 Freestyle 101 - Prodigy

Oh wow P. You rhymed for five seconds... Awesome... Totally...

Kanye West - Flashing Lights

You know what Kayne you get some respect points returned to you that you lost last year and few you lost just recently during the Grammy's just a couple days ago. I refuse to be the spoiler folks. You gottah watch it and see why...! Props to Spike Jones seems you're quite the buzz these days... The biggest question is who is the lady in the video. Whoa!


'Last Hour' DVD starring DMX, Michael Madsen and William Baldwin in Stores April 15th

Talk of a possible crack addiction, countless run ins with the law and recently being ordered to pay up over a million bucks for defamation of character charges, DMX somehow still manages to make his way to screen. An the title is rather interesting mind you.


How would you react if three years after the death of your father, you receive a letter signed by him inviting you to visit an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere in China? Curious in nature, you decide to set off on this adventure. Here's the snag, when you arrive in front of the house (which looks more like a bunker), you realize that there are other visitors summoned as well. Four guys show up with the same letter you have! All five characters, Monk, Casino, Black Jack, Shang and Poker have something in common. All carry guns, have dangerous reputations and are wanted by the police. Unexpectedly the door to the house is opened by a mysterious woman and shortly after entering they notice that they are all locked inside. The house is surrounded by police and they can not escape the psychotic killer that wants to wipe them out. After shocking plot twists and with a growing suspicion of each other, they come to realize that they have only one hour to live!

Re-Up Gang Bitch!

Far better than you favorite rappers, able to body most any track with that same ol drug rap, girlz rap, cars rap... Enter the Re-Up Gang, consisting of The Clipse, Sandman & Ab Liva in We Got It For Cheap Vol.3: The Spirit Of Competition. Truth is not many can compete with these D Boyz. Les-tor is most definitely impressed...

Check out Rainy Dayz over Jay-Z's Roc Boys track from American Gangster... Yes indeed they bodied it. I like their contribution to this track more so than Jay's...

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Seems it's open season on the one that calls himself Jay Hova as Cavalier (Dugout member) and the Gif team up to drop intense barz over the original track that was sampled for American Gangster's Roc Boys to bring you Crop Boys.

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Celebrity Journalist Adam Bernard Slams Grubman PR For Terrible Treatment At Invite Only Event

How NOT To Throw An Event - The funniest home videos are here

The ridiculousness of the way people handle people especially those people that give press to events like Thursday nights Suzie Wong's gathering on the West Side is disgusting. Not only after having people that RSVP'ed and arrived on time stand online in the cold be told that they could not in fact be let in because the venue was at full capacity, the manner in which the group was asked to move then physically ushered from behind the velvet rope and off of the red carpet was deplorable. I was there, and was close to an altercation with security because one individual felt it necessary to place his hand on me during this totally rude process of removing bodies from in front of the space. It's quite amazing that an event that was so exclusive had it's list 'screwed up'. I guess that means that people who in fact weren't supposed to be there some how got in. Although the club is filled to capacity somehow if you happened to have rsvp'ed and made a table reservation ahead of time then there was space for you. I watched these guys turn away some folks from MTV even, while shunning a whole line of people that were from various media outlets. The worst thing is being lied to. When the lil blonde chick with the nasty attitude is running around with a clipboard basically sizing up a whole line of people and somehow certain individuals on the back of the line get moved upfront and escorted in, you pretty much know what type of situation you have going on. Don't waste people's time. You may find your venue opening one night and soon after closing. You're simply just not that important.

By the way Conscious if you're reading this, I'm not ducking you. I'll be in touch soon.

Papoose Bodies Uncle Murdah

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Ha ha ha! Download it! [Click-Here]

Papoose has gained a few respect points from Les for this. Uncle Murda gets the bum.
Too many quotables rollin offah this one folks!

Rihanna's Got Milk?

Subliminal mess...

Bill Cosby Raps About Cheating On His Beloved Wife Camille & Drugging Women On His New Album

Les-tor finds it quite humorous that tv's former Dr. Huxtable, infidelity practitioner and drugger of women not only took it upon himself to give with self righteous tongue the black community a lashing a few years back; now rumor has it he's going to release a rap record...

'Bill Cosby - a staunch critic of some rap music - is set to release a Hip-Hop album called State of Emergency, which will be a sanitized, issue-oriented CD. Sources told that the actor, comedian and philanthropist will address issues like proper parenting, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, Black-on-Black crime and the dropout rate in America's high schools. Cosby's album will not contain any profane language, nor will it offer any denigrating comments towards women. State of Emergency would be the 35th album for the legendary comedian, actor, who released his first album Bill Cosby is a Very Funny Fellow in 1963.'

No one ever blasted him for the sinful things he did. No one condemned him for having a child that was a drug addict.

If antics like these aren't a sheer display to create diversions from real life issues that people globally face on a daily basis, I just don't know what is. Decoy tactics. Let's conjure up some more drama between the Hiphop generation and the civil rights generation just like Wille Lynch suggested in his manifesto that has left a mark over 300 years past it's creation. On the plantation, pit young slaves verses old slaves, light skinned verses dark skinned and male verses female...

What? You thought Les-tor didn't know? If you don't know, then here's a history lesson for you. Read this: Willie Lynch The Making Of A Slave

Astonish - Can U Hear Me - Molemen Records

Debut video of the newest member of the Molemen team. His first album drops Feb. 26th on Molemen Records. Check and the new ONLINE STORE!!

Artist: Astonish
Title: Can U Hear Me
Track Producer: PNS
Video Director: Patrick Lewtschanyn
Album: From Now Until Forever
Label: Molemen Records