Okay here we go again. A submission from 'Street Leaker'.
Lil Wayne - All Alone

Okay. I love all my niggahs, no homo... as said by Lil Wayne.


Simply Horrible: Gillie Da Kid Instrumental "Holla Back"

This is just terrible. Pathetic. Quit please quit.
This is why they say Hiphop Is Dead. It died trynah write a rhyme to this wretched beat.

Rhymefest The Blue Collar Sampler

"You can find three people selling dope in a bad neighborhood. But you might see six people at the bus stop going to work. That's the story that's not being told..."
- Rhymefest


Dough Is What I Got... Freestyle

I don't know where to start with Lil Wayne. What angle do we disscuss? Infatuation with Jay Z or the north eastern flow. Questions as to what he's written and not written. Freestyles? And this new thing, kissing Baby on the mouth.

Just got this song in the mail.

Dought Is What I Got

The Mortal Combat references are cute.

"I hit niggas in the head like Vonage" First rapper I've heard to say that one. Quite sure I'll hear it again. The commercial on the beach with the braindead blonde chick running to get in the water with the sharks that she believes are dolphins, is pretty funny.