Gerald Walker

It’s in my honest opinion that it will take a combination of the young, up and coming and the dedicated veterans of this music operation to change what we hear regularly from the monotonous, soulless, assembly line drivel that invades our airwaves daily. Could Gerald Walker can be a piece of that puzzle?

Les-tor Manchestor: How did you stumble upon Free Hiphop Now? What do you think about it from what you've seen thus far?

Gerald Walker: I feel FHHN is a dope site… I stumbled on it through a Dutch producer by the name of Nicolay! And from what I’ve seen I feel it has the potential to take over the hip-hop scene.

Les-tor Manchestor: Wow that’s a serious statement. (We assure you we did not pay him to say that.) Okay then, enough about us. What's going on right now in your world?

Gerald Walker: Everything! I’m making a transition in my life! I’m starting to take this music serious (on a full time basis). I’m just tryna push me and my fam out right (musically), moreover, keep my eyes focused on the one who got me here yo!

Les-tor Manchestor: That type of transition is probably not the easiest one to make but something had to happen I'd assume to push you in that direction and move with such conviction. What was it?

Gerald Walker: It's just passion! It’s like I’m very aware that aspiring artist as myself don’t make it! But it's like I’m at that point now that I HAVE to do it (it’s not an option anymore). I can’t live with a "dang...I wonder this, or I wonder that" I gotta just make it happen… and If I fall flat on my back at the VERY end of the day! I'll know that I gave it my all! Cause of the love for the culture and music

Les-tor Manchestor: Alright so now the question is, 'Why should anyone care about the music you're making?' There are thousands of individuals attempting to do this thing called emceeing. What do you have to contribute to the music that will push it forward?

Gerald Walker: I feel I contribute a new type of feeling! I’m just someone who's being himself yo! People try to label me as a conscious emcee... but, I’m like yo that’s crazy! I didn’t grow up poor, and I MOST DEFINITLY didn’t grow up rich! So I rap about the topics I know! It's like, if I go out and sleep with a chic - and she burns me (which has absolutely never happened...) When it’s over, I’ma write about it! If I’m unemployed for a sec I’ma write about it! Another thing is that I feel that I have an advantage since I’m young! I'm only 18. Majority of the cats who do music on this level are in their late 20's early 30's ya know? I just wanna bring a balance through a primitive hip-hop sound yo!

Les-tor Manchestor: Man, you're making me feel old. Since you’re such a young kat I assume the whole experience of being involved with the culture and performing in the art form is a bit different from other artists older then you. What did you grow up on? Who did you listen to that influenced you?

Gerald Walker: I have a lot of influences...I mainly grew up on Jay-Z. But as far as musical influences I look up to cats like Phonte Coleman of Little Brother, Supastition, Median of the Justus League, the Strange Fruit Project! Oh yeah… I’ma huge Krayzie Bone fan believe it or not! It's cats out right now who I’m influenced by! It’s like if you ask the guys I just named who their influences are they'll mention names like "Masta Ace, Nas, Brand Nubian, Bahamadia, etc…" It’s funny because I look up to those guys and in reality, they’re normal cats just like you and I!

Les-tor Manchestor: You mentioned Jay-Z. What are you thoughts on his stand against Cristal?

Gerald Walker: I think they messed with the wrong guy on that one fa real yo. Jay-Z is one of the few elite artists who promoted and supported Cris like that! And for them to say such an atrocious statement it’s gonna mess’em up in the Hip-hop community, which deep down I think they wouldn't care about anyway... but, it is what it is.

Les-tor Manchestor Do you drink Cristal?

Gerald Walker: Nah... I did a bottle of Armandale with my man John in college though. It wasn’t all that neither.

Les-tor Manchestor: How do you select the beats you rhyme over?

Gerald Walker: I’m very beat biased. They for one have to have some sort of real instrumentation (mainly piano). Or, they must have some dope chops. I cant stand high pitched vocal samples...That shit is so wack to me now. Basically, I really like quality productions that have good sound to them! The producers on my EP are definitely gonna have to comply with that yo.

Les-tor Manchestor: Who's producing the EP?

Gerald Walker: Alotta cats. I’m working on a 4 part EP entitled seasons (one disc dedicated to each season). I have this dope producer from Milwaukee named Matt Murdok. Another dope producer named S.LO.T - A ( I have Symbolyc, one of the Strange Fruit Project. We’re talking to Kev Brown and this cat from Australia named M-Phazes. Who else? GeOlogy. Nicolay of course. I really wanna mess with this rapper/producer named Hezekiah. He’s with the beat society. Besides them a whole bunch of other cats. These brothers named the Blood Brothers, can’t forget about them...They're dope! That’s it. The Nicolay joint probably won’t be on the EP...we'll probably hold those off for the LP

Les-tor Manchestor: Man you have a lot places to pull production from and the mention of the 4 Seasons of EP is pretty interesting. I look forward to breaking them down once they're all complete. Now the question remains. How do you intend on getting these works to the masses. Do explain?

Gerald Walker: Right now we're just pushing all MAJOR online distributors! Like iTunes, Yahoo Music, AOL Music, Rhapsody, & Napster! I don’t have ANY financial backing or sponsors… So that’s the way I gotta do it for now. But we’re hoping to use the internet extremely.

Les-tor Manchestor: Any Videos in the works?

Gerald Walker: Nah not yet... probably sometime when I drop the ‘Winter’ and ‘Spring’ volumes of seasons.

Les-tor Manchestor: X Box or Playstation?

Gerald Walker: Playstation of course...that’s were all the dope games

Les-tor Manchestor: Madden?

Gerald Walker: Of course mayne... I’m something nasty in it too.

Les-tor Manchestor: So you say.

Gerald Walker: You know what... Everyone says the same thing! Lol... Nah I’m pretty descent... I prefer ESPN over Madden though.

Les-tor Manchestor: Last movie you paid for? I mean actually visited the theatre.

Gerald Walker: The last movie I paid for was Final Destination 3. It was pretty dope too.

Les-tor Manchestor: You ever consider acting?

Gerald Walker: Nah...

Les-tor Manchestor: Do you feel that with releasing music to the world, you have a responsibility for those words you release?

Gerald Walker: Yes! I actually take it very serious! I want to bring the listener relief through my way of speech! I have to watch the words that proceed from the speaker! And actually think! I don’t wanna be a preacher, or motivator, neither do I wanna be a gangster, or hustler... I just wanna alleviate stress through song yo

Les-tor Manchestor: That sounds good. I'll remember that in the future when listening. If you ever stray. I'm going to remind you of what you said and pull your card.

Gerald Walker: Basically.... I have my times when I just wanna come hard on tracks like Jean Grae (another artist who inspired me to pick up a pen and start writing). I can deviate a little! But the main objective is to give the listener (everyone) relief... lol.

Les-tor Manchestor: How do you prepare for a recording session?

Gerald Walker: Since money's disgusting these days I usually practice the joint out! I have the whole sound of the song (mixed & mastered with effects) already in my head when I write! But when I actually get to the booth I just say a slight prayer thanking the Lord for another opportunity to do what I love...then the rest is history mayne.

Les-tor Manchestor: Aight man. I'm going to stop bombarding you with random questions and ask you if there's anything else we need to know for disconnect from AIM.

Gerald Walker: Nah mayne!! Everyone be on the lookout for my man Bullet's upcoming mixtape "Back To THe Lyrics" Vol. 1 (! Go cop S.L.O.T - A's "The Ugly Phase EP" ( - to purchase) Support Add-2's New single "Get Down" and be on the lookout for "Seasons: Fall" this September! Special thanks to, my manager Jitemia Balton and Thee Immaculate Society Mattu Murdock & Kemet Allah!

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