Where are 'these' brothers ?

What ever happened to male R&B vocalist and classic groups. The music has changed so much and nowadays it seems like there aren't any guys singing songs to their ladies anymore. What has this world come to. Everyone wants to grind and bump. Touch and frisk. Lust lust lust. But hhere is the love? Where is the romance? Where is the ture emotion in the music where a man is man enough to say he loves his woman and can't live without her. Are you man enough to shed a tear in the name of love?


Where are these brothers ?

We could talk all day about how there are quite a few records that have never gotten their due because of poor promotion. The public's lack of awarness of any albums release is one the primarly factors that determines the fate of any record. Unfortunately, some classics are only recognized by those that created it, along with die hard fans that somehow stay up to date on what's new with their favorite artists. We can not rely on the source that manufactures the music, nor the press agencies that report on what's going on in 'music' because their agenda is frankly, their agenda and that for the most part does not entail pushing forward all music, just the music that they deem necessary to promote and program listeners to listen to. Regardless of what I just mentioned, you the listener must take control of what you listen to. Don't be lazy.


Who are the Literates ?

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"A.N.T.I. ILL [Another Name To Identify ILL] Liiterates" length: 03:49
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"Unspoken - Literates " length: 02:45
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Unspoken Album Review coming soon.


"Dopeness - Lyrics [Produced by Black Ty]" length: 03:34
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It's been said, many times many ways.. It's Independence day.

Many apologies for the time in between posts. Here's some new music for you to check out, courtesy of the FHHN server.

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"Say Something (Feat. C-Rayz Walz)"
"Sticky Pigs Feet"
"Secret Agents (Feat Aesop Rock)"

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"Who Knows"
"Strength Of Weakness"

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Fox News"
"Pot Holes ft. Abadawn"

If you'd like more info on any of these albums or the dudes that created them, please leave a comment.