A Bright Future In Zane Rodulfo: Interview by Les-tor Manchestor

Here's an exclusive feature interview with a young man from Trinidad that looks to be yet another strong soldier for progress. FHHN finds it ever so important to support and encourage our youth, because quite simply they are our future. read it...


Nature Sounds - Natural Selection

I dare your favorite mainstream Hip-Pop artist to make something as explosive as 'The Renaissance' featuring Black Market Militia & R.A. The Rugged Man produced by Dev 1. I bet there's quite a few people mentioned on the track that they don't even know. And if you're listen to this track and can't indentify all mentioned you better get in yah books. R.A. The Rugged Man is ridiculous on this! Take that Eminem fans! Can you say CONSTANT ROTATION!

Buy a copy! More info here...

'The Renaissance'

Hey there's a Pete Rock, Raekwon & Master Killa track on this LP that is awfully ill too. You'll remember the bassline sampled for this one. Hiphop. Hiphop. Hiphop. Whoa! Your favorite pair of rap superheros (Ghostface and MF Doom) make an appearance as well.

Video + Music = "Sloth" Batmilk - Sum Kid - VJC Recordings

An extremely cool and creative video for the song "Sloth" off of the 1st installemnt of the Batmilk Trilogy. The song's creator is an incredibaly talented emcee making his way thru the muck of an independent music scene that needs to see a whole lot more effort like the one put into this visual and auditory creation.

Here's a couple songs for you to check out.

"Naked With My Cape On"

With this video and these two tracks of Sum Kid you should have no problem getting your credit card ready to make that purchase of the Batmilk EP here.


Sparlha Swa : In The Distance

In person her essence is enchanting. On record, well you'll find, Sparlha Swa has a voice that will touch your pressure points and massage most every toxin that resides in your system right on out. Perhaps she could sell her cd's as a purging tool. Whatever the case may be, she definitely has an awesome gift. I'm hoping that somewhere down the line Sparlha produces a Samba/Bossa Nova album. At least an EP. That would be ideal. Perhaps I'll drop that in her ear on the next occassion we speak.


Sarah Barr: Back To Tomorrow

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Next up on deck is the beautiful Sarah Barr. This young lady has an album and is desired by a few recording companies but she knows her business and isn't trynah 'get put on'. I figured since I began the week with ladies, I'll continue the week with ladies.

Here's a couple of tracks from the album. You can also check Sarah out on Myspace.

"Back To Tomorrow"
"Princess Girl"


WCR = White chicks rappin ?

When Conscious handed me this cd (Bombchelle – Blowin Up) and said give it a listen I wondered if he’d taken to the use of narcotics (so many great artists, sadly seem to get captured by the ugly demon). Of course, even as open minded as I am, I still have my moments. So to prove I wasn’t so irrationally bias, and could stomach just about anything, I took this very interesting looking cd, hoping that my brain would not hemorrhage.

First off I’m going to tell you that for the most part I just didn’t dig it. Not because the emcee is white, female nor for the fact that she’s a Jersey gal. No. It’s just not my cup of tea. But, that does not mean that some one else with a taste for this type of music will not in fact enjoy what this lady has to offer. She’s quite positive and very confident. She has aspirations of being the only (wfe) white female emcee doing her thing on a platinum, mainstream level. I wish her luck in her journey from studio sessions to raggedy showcases where performers must sell x-amount of tickets in order to perform for other artists because that’s who the audience is. With seemingly no management and slight misdirection this lady has quite a mountain to climb. But faith moves mountains right? She has faith, so why not?

I think with influence from a real producer and perhaps a seasoned emcee she could take what she already has and make it better. There are songs on her cd that have the potential to be hits. But, they’ve got to be heard. By who, that’s the real question. (She seems like a pretty nice person. Doesn't deserve to be signed as a stage show gimmick) I can’t recall too many PSA’s on albums either in the current rap scene. She has one. ‘Get Tested’ tells a story of a guy who cheats and puts the life of his girl and possible child at stake. She even drops some statistics at the end of the track. ‘World Spinnin’ has a pretty nice chorus and her flow is a lil more creative then it is on the majority of the record. ‘Everyday’, sounds good, she comes off a little rough on some points on a track where the attempt is to be sensual. She sounds genuine though. That’s what matters ultimately.

To end it all I have no profound statement to make or any ground breaking epiphanies to share. What I have are some links to some of Bombchelle’s music for you to check out. Give her a chance. I did.

Full album zip. Download
Hey, if you like this lady and you want to support her dream, check out her Myspace page.


Blitz: Double Consciousness

"Double Consciousness - Blitz" length: 03:18
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TV Cream

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