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From what I know, Free Hiphop Now writer Hunter Walker will be getting a tight interview with Justus League representative Chaundon pretty soon. But, I personally wanted to shine some light on this Bronx resident and the music he's spittin out. I dropped by his myspace page this morning and was pleasantly greeted by a few ill pieces that solidfy in my opinion his definite skill. With all this talk about NYC rockin and leanin, where in the hell is the hype for this soldier! If you have any doubt about what's really good in the NYC, especially the BX, then listen up! The truth is here and his name is Chaundon! Let's Go!

Gangster is hillarious. If you like this you should look for a song called 'Traffic Niggahs' by another Bronx emcee named Conscious.

"Gangster - Chaundon" length: 03:05
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Rip J Dilla. Chaundon is tired of kats gettin at him with wack sounding beats. He makes it clear, he's fed up with his inbox being flooded. He exclaims his total frustration over a Dilla production with a chrous reminiscent of a Dilla classic, 'F*** Da Police'. If you can find that vinyl I suggest you add it to your collection.

"F*** Yah Damn Beats - Chaundon" length: 03:14
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If you're a real Hiphop fan and a real New Yorker support the dude. Hollah at him and let him know you got his back... And producers this is not an open invitation, I repeat this is not an open invite to harrass him and flood his inbox with crap!

Stop complainin bout the state of Hiphop and start supportin! There's too many artists out that are on their grind and get no love from so called lovers of the culture.