F8 Featuring Art Deko - Personal References; The Dark Side

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Slum Village: Slum Village

From the Slums of The D come two emcees that rightfully deserve a good word for an entertaining trip on mp3, audio disk, vinyl plate, or however you choose to take in your tunes. 13 cuts with enough kick and bang to keep even your most unenthused listener alert and cured from chronic a.d.d symptoms.
More in-depth overlook to come.


No Promotion: Part 1


Add some Samba Bassa Nova to your life...

Can't remember where I received this compilation cd presented by Putumayo described as "An alluring collection of contemporay Brazilian music from samba and bossa nova's new wave". I'll tell you one thing I'm sure of, there are a few cuts that solidify a peacful state of mind for me. My Spanish is rather non existent, though I am quite the well rounded and a learned fellow. But, you don't really need to know what the words mean to appreciate the beautfiul arrangements put together on this disk. I figured Free Hiphop Now could share this without any difficulty. This wasn't a 'for sale' disk. So they've uploaded it to their servers. Feel free to download. Oh and yes, but of course the album insert images are available to view as well, so you can read about the artists and get more info on the Putumayo catalog. Enjoy.


Khryst Is Back ! But he never left...

"You Can't Run - DV Alias Khryst"
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"Nothing Gonna Stop Me - DV Alias Khryst"
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"Gals R Jealous"
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Decline: Producer Q & A.

Live & Direct from MSN Messanger, I briefly speak with Canadian producer Decline of Olive Hour Records. says:

... says:


Decline says:

Whats going on man? says:

Chillen says:

What's good with olivehour ? says:

Just visited the site.

Decline says:

Word. An indie label based where I’m from in Calgary, Canada. lots of good artists, I recently signed on with them this year...We do lots of promoting in the city ie. bringing artists through and playing at various venues.

Decline says:

Getting up on a western Canadian tour later this year says:

Cool. Cool... So how'd you get involved with Olive Hour

Decline says:

Well, the hip hop scene in Calgary is fairly tight. we all know each other and try and work old crew is on hiatus, so I started collaborating with everyone. says:

Makes sense. So what is it you're doing currently?

Decline says:

Myself? I recently made an entire album in 48hrs, lol....other then that I have a few projects on the go. Flying out to Vancouver in 3 weeks to record an album with an emcee by the name of Details. Looking to release it before the year is out. I’m keeping busy man, producing on 4 new albums coming out here in Calgary as well as a few others. says:

That's a lot of work. What makes you capable of handling such a workload?

Decline says:

This seems like an interview, haha...I don’t know man. I just do it, to be honest. I’m lucky to be able to do it, people enjoy my stuff, so I'll build off that. It makes my life balanced I suppose. says:

That's great man. Yeah and this is an interview. Ha ha ... Now isn't that something huh? A surprise interview... No one is safe. So what do you know about the world of digital music ? I mean distribution and all what's you take on it ?

Decline says:

I know that its changed the music industry. It gives the underdog a chance to market themselves independently...but it also takes some strength away from major labels. its making them really think about who they are willing to invest in since they see the amount of demand for other kinds of music (artists that labels wouldn’t generally take a look at). At best I think it is increasing creativity... meaning making people really take a second to realize logistics of what they are doing with their music.

Decline says:

Haha, surprise interview hey...I like it. says:

Always innovating with this digital age even through journalism. Hmmm. Do you think that in a way the now Big 3 kind of brought these occurrences on their selves. It's interesting how at the beginning of this change in the way music is being distributed to the masses, that these Majors were very much apposed to the change. Never mind the fact that with inception of p2p they attempted to place all of the blame of the drop in record sales on pirating of music when statistics actually revealed that these statements held no validity. Since payola is legal nowadays and the masses can hardly access new talent through mainstream methods they download. And it’s a good look for independents. A real good look. Such a good look now majors are offering downloads and taking advantage of uploading their artists catalogs for download. Your thoughts?

Decline says:

It’s hilarious...bandwagon is a term I’d use, haha. they were opposed to a new presence in their industry because it was alarmingly different...a new way of thinking. there is something to be said about established entities and how they deal with popular upheaval. major labels jump on the bandwagon because they found a positive from their side...I haven’t seen many published reports in regards to... labels pursuing legal action against downloaders anymore...why? because they’ve found a way to turn a profit....that being said, I don’t think its a bad thing. not at needs to be heard, regardless of the method of which it is distributed. says:

You know the sad thing is that a lot of artist these days don't even know what's actually going on with their music. How important is it to be aware of the politics of the business as apposed to just saying hey I'm an artist I don't have to worry about it. Are not artist supposed to want to control their music. Or are they supposed to just make it.

Decline says:

The definition of artist has changed over the decades...these days music encompasses more then talent. it’s image/marketability and lots of other things that tend to have little to do with the actual audio product. I have been fortunate enough to have been screwed around with my music at a young age/point in my career. I was able to see how harsh it is... Artists NEED to be aware of the politics without a doubt. I don’t really know what else to add to that... It’s a simple statement. If you love your music and are passionate about it, I would assume you should be looking out for your best your back kids! haha says:

So what exactly do you do I mean everyone has their own label for their artist expression. What do you call yourself for let's say artist resume purpose. or simple magazine title sake?

Decline says:

I consider myself a producer... I started out djing, but beat conducting is the path I’ve ran with. I still dj here in town, but I spend more time locked away making beats, haha. says:

What do you use to produce currently? And why do you use what you do?

Decline says:

I use software...always have. I honestly started with fruity loops about 4 years ago because I broke my ankle skateboarding and I couldn’t walk for 9 weeks. it started out as a way to pass time. I’ve moved up, working with random pieces of equipment. mpc2000 and Korg Tritons, however I stay with fruity loops because I’m comfortable with it. says:

any other pieces of equipment you have your eye on for future purchase. I know a lot of producers have this thing about being surrounded by various gadgets.

Decline says:

I’d like to stay simple, haha. There’s no reason to have 10 different mixers and channel outputs that all control the same volume level, ha ha. I’d like to get a new chair for my studio room though. I’ve got ape-like posture. says:

I used to drag my feet when I was younger. Would wear down my shoes a bit too quickly. I realized it and corrected the problem. I don't drag my feet as an adult as a result of my realization that I had a problem. First you must acknowledge the problem, which you have. The next step is executing a plan to correct it.

Decline says:

You are a wise man, I’m sitting up straight as we speak says:

Great. I'm proud.

Decline says:

And a new chair will further the process.

Decline says:

Ha ha says:

So. Are you caught up in the Family Guy craze

Decline says:

Semi. I have an old DVD...I haven’t had a television in my house for the last 3 months, so I haven’t really had a chance to get into the new season. It's hilarious though. Smart comedy. says:

TV rots the brain. You’re missing nothing at all. Be happy books are the new technology. Speaking of books what's the last one you read... all the way through...

Decline says:

Last one I read all the way through was the Da Vinci Code actually...really good read. Made me think about things I wouldn’t normally. challenged the reader. says:

The movie's coming out. Any plans of catching it when it's released

Decline says: much as tom hanks is one of my least favorite actors, I will give it the benefit of the doubt. its a good storyline...I hope hanks is able to pull a Jamie Foxx and lose the viewer in the subject. says:

Still remember him screaming and crying out for Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllsssssssooooooooonnnn! in Castaway. Long way from dressin in drag on a sitcom.

Decline says:

Ha ha ha, so true. says:

Speaking of movies. Kinda hard to have a great film without a well arranged score attached to it. Have you done any production for film in any facet or do you have any plans on taking your music in that direction.

Decline says:

Umm, well, for the last 2 years or so I’ve lent my music to this TV show here in Canada by the name of Ride On. It’s an extreme bmx show on global television. I idolize Quincy Jones, he’s one of the reasons why I wanted to make music. I’d love to one day do what he has done.

Decline says:

Q is dope...period, hah says:

Quincy Jones is definitely a serious force of importance in music. You ever see that Bio flick where he speaks on taking his ensemble overseas and being broke?

Decline says:

Yeah man, I did. I was entranced to say the least. says:

No doubt... says:

Favorite magazine ?

Decline says:

I don’t really read magazines to be honest. but if I have to pick one it would be...adbusters.

Decline says:

Reverse Propaganda is nice to read every now and then says:

hmmm... console games

Decline says:

I had a playstation 2, but I sold it to pay off my credit card says:

Debt is a cancer

Decline says:

Yes, and its eating my insides.

Decline says:

Right now. says:

Cure... Bank heist..

Decline says:

Possibly, I haven’t ruled it out.

Decline says:

Hey man, I hate to stop the chat, but I have to take off here. says:

Was bout to say the same... says:

Any last words ?

Decline says:

Well, I’ll do the obligatory shout outs and promo. Olive Hour Records has a bunch of heaters being released in the last months of 2005. Overits new album is out October21st, available on the website. I produced a track and did all the dj work on it, it’s going to make waves, I swear. Stay tuned to for more! Thanks and peace to the Middle East.