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Nuff respect mister Chamillonare!


Dumbing Down: Music That Is (As It Pertains To Hiphop)

Webster’s online dictionary defines the word ‘dumb’ as:

: lacking some usual attribute or accompaniment; especially: having no means of self-propulsion dumb barge>
: lacking intelligence: STUPID b : showing a lack of intelligence dumb questions>
: not having the capability to process data dumb terminal> -- compare

With that said, I have a question…

When your favorite rappers say, they’ve been ‘dumbing down’ their lyrics over the years; What does that relay to you the listener that may be sophisticated enough to not have someone have to speak to you like you're dumb? What is he/she really saying?

As a person that enjoys an artist because of the integrity of their work on record how do you feel knowing that the person you like will change for these 'not so keen' people of the population, depriving you of his/her full artistic potential?

I thought about it…

Ultimately, I don't think it's about ‘dumbing down’ anything. I think it's about making music that is universal for the most part and perhaps having varying levels of complexity within it. But never making, ‘dumb’ music. The term 'dumbing down' in my opinion is alternative to saying I'm releasing assembly line music that I really put in no effort to make. Countless artists have created simple songs that were not, ‘dumb’ and were extremely successful. I don’t have to run down the names. Seems to me though that the term ‘dumbing down’ in many cases, suspiciously rears it’s ugly mug when an artist is on the defensive, being challenged and or has his/her card pulled for deviating from what fans know is their original style or the sudden lack potency in their music. At times artists resort to jumping on a short lived or well established trend hoping to garner more support or so called broaden their audience. All in all, the artist is making a very huge statement about the masses that are listening to their music. He/she is saying that the majority of you all are lacking intelligence. Those of you that are capable of comprehending what he/she is saying are the minority and aren’t important enough to continue creating music for because they need to do what it takes to reach the majority (sell albums). Lastly, he or she is not intelligent enough to create music in a manner in which the populous can be reached, resulting in a jaded attitude towards making music (and the notorious, ‘industry’) and spewing forth, blanketed negative statements about those that actually support their paychecks. Yes, I do think calling your audience dumb is in fact negative and displays your not so ‘high’ level of thinking.

Next time you see your favorite artist that’s admitted to ‘dumbing down’ their music, ask him/her if they think you’re dumb, stupid or both.


Writers, how about you lay off of the Young Jeezies, Joc's and others that you feel so strongly about, in how horrible you think their music is. Consider using that energy to illuminate a path for some of those artists that you feel are up to par and are either underrated or just plain unknown. The best way to elevate the standard is not by trying to force the lesser skilled to make music beyond their capability, but to support the efforts of those who are outstanding in their field and tell the world about them so that listeners may hear for themselves and be able to compare, contrast and make an assessment of their very own.

Don't complain, affect change beeshes!

Download - 'Dumb It Down' by Lupe Fiasco


Pusha T a realer g then all of these...

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It's unfortunate that in Hiphop there's so much unnecessary drama going on. One wonders about the mentality of grown men and women that go back and forth with sheer nonsense. Monie Love pretty much yells at Young Jeezy over the statement that Hiphop Is Dead saying basically nothing and in the process showing how much of a fool she really is. Then I hear how reckless Lil Wayne's been talking. Makes you wonder who's pullin the strings of these puppteered persons prepetuating problems in public... Ha ha... Lil Wayne make your music and please shutup.

Enough respect to Pusha T that handled this situation like a real G. Keeping it realer then any other rap artists I've ever heard questioned about similar situations. And as for Jay Z, 30 isn't the new anything and for all of you pushin forty that are mindless clones to not young Hov, go pop a Jazz cd in... Perhaps even a Jaz cd in.



Okay here we go again. A submission from 'Street Leaker'.
Lil Wayne - All Alone

Okay. I love all my niggahs, no homo... as said by Lil Wayne.


Simply Horrible: Gillie Da Kid Instrumental "Holla Back"

This is just terrible. Pathetic. Quit please quit.
This is why they say Hiphop Is Dead. It died trynah write a rhyme to this wretched beat.

Rhymefest The Blue Collar Sampler

"You can find three people selling dope in a bad neighborhood. But you might see six people at the bus stop going to work. That's the story that's not being told..."
- Rhymefest


Dough Is What I Got... Freestyle

I don't know where to start with Lil Wayne. What angle do we disscuss? Infatuation with Jay Z or the north eastern flow. Questions as to what he's written and not written. Freestyles? And this new thing, kissing Baby on the mouth.

Just got this song in the mail.

Dought Is What I Got

The Mortal Combat references are cute.

"I hit niggas in the head like Vonage" First rapper I've heard to say that one. Quite sure I'll hear it again. The commercial on the beach with the braindead blonde chick running to get in the water with the sharks that she believes are dolphins, is pretty funny.


Lestor Has a Crush...

Aye yoooooo, a crush on

Joy Denalane not The Chef...


Who is Alice Smith ?

Alice Smith

Alice Smith - "Woodstock" [DOWNLOAD]

Attempts were made to contact Alice Smith before she became famous, but they all failed. Although we do not like riding the bandwagon (seeing as though we knew she existed and realized back then that she was a tremendous talent), we will infact promote this link because World's Fair sent it to us for you enjoy.

Best wishes Ms. Smith.

Alice's gorgeous and critically acclaimed debut "For Lovers, Dreamers & Me" is out in stores now!

AllMusic Guide reviewed the record, giving it what seems like an 11 out of 10!

"It's an excellent record, from the harmonies to the instrumentation to the changes in dynamics and everything in between, an impressive debut from an impressive and talented musician." -- Marisa Brown, All Music Guide [READ MORE]

Buy it @ Amazon | iTunes | Best Buy | AOL Music | Dusty Groove

Tour Dates: Click here for Sept/Oct dates with Citizen Cope

Myspace | World's Fair


A mob in the field.

The south is responsible for more then a handful of jewels in the Hiphop genre contrary to what northerns would lead you to believe. One group that comes to my mind is Field Mob. With a new deal they're now on board with DTP (Disturbing Tha Peace) but what most disturbs me is what I said in a blog post last year. Not enough promotion. Earlier in the year we witnessed a single called, 'Georgia' with collaborators, Ludacris and Jamie Foxx surface. A grand video production that for the most part may have introduced listeners of mainstream Hiphop to the duo of Smoke and Shawn Jay for the first time, came and went. The Field Mob website's last announcement speaks of their August 24th appearance on Nick Cannon's Wild'n Out series on MTV. I have yet to hear their newest release and wonder how dissapointed I will end up being. I didn't even hear the song 'Bend Over Baby' in it's entirety because it's repetative intro annoys me. Nevertheless I do intend on listening to the album in full. When I do I'll get back to you with my thoughts. Until then, I'd really suggest you get a hold of a copy of 'From The Roota To Tha Toota'. This is an album I can say I fully enjoyed, minus one track. Shawn Jay and Smoke are talented emcees and writers of well put together songs accompanied by some fine production. Their rhymes show their intellgence, but like most southern artists along with the majority of artists nationwide, you just wouldn't know it based on the music that the machine chooses to dispatched through our media channels.

I found my copy of From Tha Roota, while diggin through tons of cd waste material during the final days of The Wiz's existance.

Listen up.


Cool It !...

Let's as they say, 'Kick The Willie Bobo', with the song 'Lisa' off the, Sounds From the Verve Hi-Fi- Compilation. And also check out that smooth guitarists known best as Wes accompanied by Jimmy Smith on the cut, 'Ogd (Road Song).

Ogd (Road Song)

It's been a while.

Many apologies for leaving you all. I'm here now. The moon is interesting when seen from space. Perhaps my lingo in future posts may be a bit off from what you've come accustomed to. I've been traveling.

Gerald Walker

It’s in my honest opinion that it will take a combination of the young, up and coming and the dedicated veterans of this music operation to change what we hear regularly from the monotonous, soulless, assembly line drivel that invades our airwaves daily. Could Gerald Walker can be a piece of that puzzle?

Les-tor Manchestor: How did you stumble upon Free Hiphop Now? What do you think about it from what you've seen thus far?

Gerald Walker: I feel FHHN is a dope site… I stumbled on it through a Dutch producer by the name of Nicolay! And from what I’ve seen I feel it has the potential to take over the hip-hop scene.

Les-tor Manchestor: Wow that’s a serious statement. (We assure you we did not pay him to say that.) Okay then, enough about us. What's going on right now in your world?

Gerald Walker: Everything! I’m making a transition in my life! I’m starting to take this music serious (on a full time basis). I’m just tryna push me and my fam out right (musically), moreover, keep my eyes focused on the one who got me here yo!

Les-tor Manchestor: That type of transition is probably not the easiest one to make but something had to happen I'd assume to push you in that direction and move with such conviction. What was it?

Gerald Walker: It's just passion! It’s like I’m very aware that aspiring artist as myself don’t make it! But it's like I’m at that point now that I HAVE to do it (it’s not an option anymore). I can’t live with a "dang...I wonder this, or I wonder that" I gotta just make it happen… and If I fall flat on my back at the VERY end of the day! I'll know that I gave it my all! Cause of the love for the culture and music

Les-tor Manchestor: Alright so now the question is, 'Why should anyone care about the music you're making?' There are thousands of individuals attempting to do this thing called emceeing. What do you have to contribute to the music that will push it forward?

Gerald Walker: I feel I contribute a new type of feeling! I’m just someone who's being himself yo! People try to label me as a conscious emcee... but, I’m like yo that’s crazy! I didn’t grow up poor, and I MOST DEFINITLY didn’t grow up rich! So I rap about the topics I know! It's like, if I go out and sleep with a chic - and she burns me (which has absolutely never happened...) When it’s over, I’ma write about it! If I’m unemployed for a sec I’ma write about it! Another thing is that I feel that I have an advantage since I’m young! I'm only 18. Majority of the cats who do music on this level are in their late 20's early 30's ya know? I just wanna bring a balance through a primitive hip-hop sound yo!

Les-tor Manchestor: Man, you're making me feel old. Since you’re such a young kat I assume the whole experience of being involved with the culture and performing in the art form is a bit different from other artists older then you. What did you grow up on? Who did you listen to that influenced you?

Gerald Walker: I have a lot of influences...I mainly grew up on Jay-Z. But as far as musical influences I look up to cats like Phonte Coleman of Little Brother, Supastition, Median of the Justus League, the Strange Fruit Project! Oh yeah… I’ma huge Krayzie Bone fan believe it or not! It's cats out right now who I’m influenced by! It’s like if you ask the guys I just named who their influences are they'll mention names like "Masta Ace, Nas, Brand Nubian, Bahamadia, etc…" It’s funny because I look up to those guys and in reality, they’re normal cats just like you and I!

Les-tor Manchestor: You mentioned Jay-Z. What are you thoughts on his stand against Cristal?

Gerald Walker: I think they messed with the wrong guy on that one fa real yo. Jay-Z is one of the few elite artists who promoted and supported Cris like that! And for them to say such an atrocious statement it’s gonna mess’em up in the Hip-hop community, which deep down I think they wouldn't care about anyway... but, it is what it is.

Les-tor Manchestor Do you drink Cristal?

Gerald Walker: Nah... I did a bottle of Armandale with my man John in college though. It wasn’t all that neither.

Les-tor Manchestor: How do you select the beats you rhyme over?

Gerald Walker: I’m very beat biased. They for one have to have some sort of real instrumentation (mainly piano). Or, they must have some dope chops. I cant stand high pitched vocal samples...That shit is so wack to me now. Basically, I really like quality productions that have good sound to them! The producers on my EP are definitely gonna have to comply with that yo.

Les-tor Manchestor: Who's producing the EP?

Gerald Walker: Alotta cats. I’m working on a 4 part EP entitled seasons (one disc dedicated to each season). I have this dope producer from Milwaukee named Matt Murdok. Another dope producer named S.LO.T - A ( I have Symbolyc, one of the Strange Fruit Project. We’re talking to Kev Brown and this cat from Australia named M-Phazes. Who else? GeOlogy. Nicolay of course. I really wanna mess with this rapper/producer named Hezekiah. He’s with the beat society. Besides them a whole bunch of other cats. These brothers named the Blood Brothers, can’t forget about them...They're dope! That’s it. The Nicolay joint probably won’t be on the EP...we'll probably hold those off for the LP

Les-tor Manchestor: Man you have a lot places to pull production from and the mention of the 4 Seasons of EP is pretty interesting. I look forward to breaking them down once they're all complete. Now the question remains. How do you intend on getting these works to the masses. Do explain?

Gerald Walker: Right now we're just pushing all MAJOR online distributors! Like iTunes, Yahoo Music, AOL Music, Rhapsody, & Napster! I don’t have ANY financial backing or sponsors… So that’s the way I gotta do it for now. But we’re hoping to use the internet extremely.

Les-tor Manchestor: Any Videos in the works?

Gerald Walker: Nah not yet... probably sometime when I drop the ‘Winter’ and ‘Spring’ volumes of seasons.

Les-tor Manchestor: X Box or Playstation?

Gerald Walker: Playstation of course...that’s were all the dope games

Les-tor Manchestor: Madden?

Gerald Walker: Of course mayne... I’m something nasty in it too.

Les-tor Manchestor: So you say.

Gerald Walker: You know what... Everyone says the same thing! Lol... Nah I’m pretty descent... I prefer ESPN over Madden though.

Les-tor Manchestor: Last movie you paid for? I mean actually visited the theatre.

Gerald Walker: The last movie I paid for was Final Destination 3. It was pretty dope too.

Les-tor Manchestor: You ever consider acting?

Gerald Walker: Nah...

Les-tor Manchestor: Do you feel that with releasing music to the world, you have a responsibility for those words you release?

Gerald Walker: Yes! I actually take it very serious! I want to bring the listener relief through my way of speech! I have to watch the words that proceed from the speaker! And actually think! I don’t wanna be a preacher, or motivator, neither do I wanna be a gangster, or hustler... I just wanna alleviate stress through song yo

Les-tor Manchestor: That sounds good. I'll remember that in the future when listening. If you ever stray. I'm going to remind you of what you said and pull your card.

Gerald Walker: Basically.... I have my times when I just wanna come hard on tracks like Jean Grae (another artist who inspired me to pick up a pen and start writing). I can deviate a little! But the main objective is to give the listener (everyone) relief... lol.

Les-tor Manchestor: How do you prepare for a recording session?

Gerald Walker: Since money's disgusting these days I usually practice the joint out! I have the whole sound of the song (mixed & mastered with effects) already in my head when I write! But when I actually get to the booth I just say a slight prayer thanking the Lord for another opportunity to do what I love...then the rest is history mayne.

Les-tor Manchestor: Aight man. I'm going to stop bombarding you with random questions and ask you if there's anything else we need to know for disconnect from AIM.

Gerald Walker: Nah mayne!! Everyone be on the lookout for my man Bullet's upcoming mixtape "Back To THe Lyrics" Vol. 1 (! Go cop S.L.O.T - A's "The Ugly Phase EP" ( - to purchase) Support Add-2's New single "Get Down" and be on the lookout for "Seasons: Fall" this September! Special thanks to, my manager Jitemia Balton and Thee Immaculate Society Mattu Murdock & Kemet Allah!

"Shout It Out - Gerald Walker" length: 02:20
gw.jpg Stream HIFI Shout It Out - Gerald Walker play HiFi (mp3)
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Go head say something!

From what I know, Free Hiphop Now writer Hunter Walker will be getting a tight interview with Justus League representative Chaundon pretty soon. But, I personally wanted to shine some light on this Bronx resident and the music he's spittin out. I dropped by his myspace page this morning and was pleasantly greeted by a few ill pieces that solidfy in my opinion his definite skill. With all this talk about NYC rockin and leanin, where in the hell is the hype for this soldier! If you have any doubt about what's really good in the NYC, especially the BX, then listen up! The truth is here and his name is Chaundon! Let's Go!

Gangster is hillarious. If you like this you should look for a song called 'Traffic Niggahs' by another Bronx emcee named Conscious.

"Gangster - Chaundon" length: 03:05
fhhn-logo-2.gif Stream HIFI Gangster - Chaundon play HiFi (mp3)
Download HiFi Gangster - Chaundon download (2.82 MB)

Rip J Dilla. Chaundon is tired of kats gettin at him with wack sounding beats. He makes it clear, he's fed up with his inbox being flooded. He exclaims his total frustration over a Dilla production with a chrous reminiscent of a Dilla classic, 'F*** Da Police'. If you can find that vinyl I suggest you add it to your collection.

"F*** Yah Damn Beats - Chaundon" length: 03:14
fhhn-logo-2.gif Stream HIFI F***  Yah Damn Beats - Chaundon play HiFi (mp3)
Download HiFi F***  Yah Damn Beats - Chaundon download (2.97 MB)

If you're a real Hiphop fan and a real New Yorker support the dude. Hollah at him and let him know you got his back... And producers this is not an open invitation, I repeat this is not an open invite to harrass him and flood his inbox with crap!

Stop complainin bout the state of Hiphop and start supportin! There's too many artists out that are on their grind and get no love from so called lovers of the culture.


Broke MC

Have you seen this dude on the streets of BK. Check him out his name is Broke.


Where are 'these' brothers ?

What ever happened to male R&B vocalist and classic groups. The music has changed so much and nowadays it seems like there aren't any guys singing songs to their ladies anymore. What has this world come to. Everyone wants to grind and bump. Touch and frisk. Lust lust lust. But hhere is the love? Where is the romance? Where is the ture emotion in the music where a man is man enough to say he loves his woman and can't live without her. Are you man enough to shed a tear in the name of love?


Where are these brothers ?

We could talk all day about how there are quite a few records that have never gotten their due because of poor promotion. The public's lack of awarness of any albums release is one the primarly factors that determines the fate of any record. Unfortunately, some classics are only recognized by those that created it, along with die hard fans that somehow stay up to date on what's new with their favorite artists. We can not rely on the source that manufactures the music, nor the press agencies that report on what's going on in 'music' because their agenda is frankly, their agenda and that for the most part does not entail pushing forward all music, just the music that they deem necessary to promote and program listeners to listen to. Regardless of what I just mentioned, you the listener must take control of what you listen to. Don't be lazy.


Who are the Literates ?

Image Hosted by

"A.N.T.I. ILL [Another Name To Identify ILL] Liiterates" length: 03:49
ill.jpg Stream HIFI A.N.T.I. ILL [Another Name To Identify ILL] Liiterates play HiFi (mp3)
Download HiFi A.N.T.I. ILL [Another Name To Identify ILL] Liiterates download (5.24 MB)
"Unspoken - Literates " length: 02:45
ill.jpg Stream HIFI Unspoken - Literates ft. Sen Dog play HiFi (mp3)
Download HiFi Unspoken - Literates ft. Sen Dog download (2.54 MB)

Unspoken Album Review coming soon.


"Dopeness - Lyrics [Produced by Black Ty]" length: 03:34
mom-small.jpg Stream HIFI Dopeness - Lyrics [Produced by Black Ty] play HiFi (mp3)
Download HiFi Dopeness - Lyrics [Produced by Black Ty] download (3.27 MB)


Special Announcement. Ringtones, ringtones, ringtones... !

I had to put the word out for one of my folks. You know Les-tor is all about support. Let me hip you to some thing new to put in your cellphone. That dude from Eklektic Gardens and FreeHiphopNow Conscious has ringtones available online for purchase now. Download one. Download both.


It's been said, many times many ways.. It's Independence day.

Many apologies for the time in between posts. Here's some new music for you to check out, courtesy of the FHHN server.

Free Image Hosting at
"Say Something (Feat. C-Rayz Walz)"
"Sticky Pigs Feet"
"Secret Agents (Feat Aesop Rock)"

Free Image Hosting at
"Who Knows"
"Strength Of Weakness"

Free Image Hosting at
Fox News"
"Pot Holes ft. Abadawn"

If you'd like more info on any of these albums or the dudes that created them, please leave a comment.


A Bright Future In Zane Rodulfo: Interview by Les-tor Manchestor

Here's an exclusive feature interview with a young man from Trinidad that looks to be yet another strong soldier for progress. FHHN finds it ever so important to support and encourage our youth, because quite simply they are our future. read it...


Nature Sounds - Natural Selection

I dare your favorite mainstream Hip-Pop artist to make something as explosive as 'The Renaissance' featuring Black Market Militia & R.A. The Rugged Man produced by Dev 1. I bet there's quite a few people mentioned on the track that they don't even know. And if you're listen to this track and can't indentify all mentioned you better get in yah books. R.A. The Rugged Man is ridiculous on this! Take that Eminem fans! Can you say CONSTANT ROTATION!

Buy a copy! More info here...

'The Renaissance'

Hey there's a Pete Rock, Raekwon & Master Killa track on this LP that is awfully ill too. You'll remember the bassline sampled for this one. Hiphop. Hiphop. Hiphop. Whoa! Your favorite pair of rap superheros (Ghostface and MF Doom) make an appearance as well.

Video + Music = "Sloth" Batmilk - Sum Kid - VJC Recordings

An extremely cool and creative video for the song "Sloth" off of the 1st installemnt of the Batmilk Trilogy. The song's creator is an incredibaly talented emcee making his way thru the muck of an independent music scene that needs to see a whole lot more effort like the one put into this visual and auditory creation.

Here's a couple songs for you to check out.

"Naked With My Cape On"

With this video and these two tracks of Sum Kid you should have no problem getting your credit card ready to make that purchase of the Batmilk EP here.


Sparlha Swa : In The Distance

In person her essence is enchanting. On record, well you'll find, Sparlha Swa has a voice that will touch your pressure points and massage most every toxin that resides in your system right on out. Perhaps she could sell her cd's as a purging tool. Whatever the case may be, she definitely has an awesome gift. I'm hoping that somewhere down the line Sparlha produces a Samba/Bossa Nova album. At least an EP. That would be ideal. Perhaps I'll drop that in her ear on the next occassion we speak.