Pusha T a realer g then all of these...

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It's unfortunate that in Hiphop there's so much unnecessary drama going on. One wonders about the mentality of grown men and women that go back and forth with sheer nonsense. Monie Love pretty much yells at Young Jeezy over the statement that Hiphop Is Dead saying basically nothing and in the process showing how much of a fool she really is. Then I hear how reckless Lil Wayne's been talking. Makes you wonder who's pullin the strings of these puppteered persons prepetuating problems in public... Ha ha... Lil Wayne make your music and please shutup.

Enough respect to Pusha T that handled this situation like a real G. Keeping it realer then any other rap artists I've ever heard questioned about similar situations. And as for Jay Z, 30 isn't the new anything and for all of you pushin forty that are mindless clones to not young Hov, go pop a Jazz cd in... Perhaps even a Jaz cd in.


Anonymous said...

not really I dont think monie love is an idiot. She was trying to get a pint across and got a lil heated, I mean jeezy was talking pure nonsense and I guess she was just frustrated that he wouldnt let her convey her thoughts on the matter. I mean have you heard any Monie Love tracks, shes far from an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I respect what Pusha T. say'in, when he disses Monie Love, he crossed the line. Not only is she hip-hop history (respectfully), but she made a very good point. Hip-hop use to be about different ideas, now all rappers talk about is material items ( cars, jewelry, clothes, ect..). I don't respect that, it's brianless and dead, hence Hip-Hop Is Dead.

Also, when JAY-Z spit the new twenty is thirty, alot of people where sleep (I GUESS FROM ALL OF THIS BRAINLESS RAP)if the man is thirty and still rap better than your average twenty uear old, the new 20 is 30. Good music has never been limited to age, only quality, what did we for get about James Brown, Barry White, Too Short, LL Cool J, Nas & Dre, Em, Snoop, DPG, Pusha T. put the blunt down and do some damn research!!!!!!!!!!!!