Plus One - Hyphen One ft. Pacewon

"Plus One - Hyphen One ft. Pacewon" length: 03:42
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NO, no, no. Nelly...!

'Niggas always wanna flip and bounce it for you get to shine on your own ish...'

Sorry, but I'm not thrilled with this one. And honestly, she lost many points being promiscuous...


Rain - K-OS

Tuesday is new music day on itunes. I can only imagine how many people reading this are going, so what, I hate itunes. Well, even if itunes is not your cup of tea, it’s really not about itunes, it’s about the music. Recently, a download of K-os’ song, ‘The Rain’ was made available for free download. K-os is one talented dude that obviously refuses to be contained in any box made by the industry or the minds of the not so open public, shown by his inherent ability to flip styles and express his thoughts as only he can. Check out ‘The Rain’, it’s a great song.
Download, The Rain


Is U Bein Served? RIP John Inman

If you're familiar with British comedy on television, then chances are you know of the classic show, 'Are You Being Served?'. John Inman, better known as,'Mr. Humphries' from the series passed away at the age of 71. He was quite the witty fellow and was loved by millions of fans as well as his acting peers. In honor of this great comedic being I'd like to share with you an interesting hiphop creation.


Death Row Walking?

Yeah I know the Post is a rag, but this is interesting. Suge on Page Six of The Post talking about changing his life and starting new. (Read Suge Set To Bury Death Row.) I wonder what pursuits Suge will follow. Wrestling perhaps? He used to play football you know. Seriously though no telling what this kat is really capable of. From hearing him speak, it's obvious he's no idiot and I mean he did start and run Death Row, a task that could not be accomplished by just any man. I hope there's truth in his words about wanting to take his life in a positive direction. I have no reason to doubt them, though I'm sure there will be a whole lot of people that will not agree. Good luck in your endeavors Suge Knight Of Prosperity!


White Rapper Show Beef?

As if it doesn't get any dumber and pointless as,''The White Rapper Show' to begin with, there's a diss track by Dasit (Eminem sound alike)called , 'Hater' circulating. He proceeds to diss MC Serch(who at this point I figure to be too pointless to even mention beyond the fact he's being dissed on this record) Persia and Shamrock. I personally refuse to watch the show. I only listened to the track because I couldn't knowingly post it without actually listening to it first. Anyway, as far as Les-tor is concerned, they can all go to bloody hell!