Queens - 50 Cent, Prodigy, LL Cool J, Kool G Rap, Tony Yayo

Queens - 50 Cent, Prodigy, LL Cool J, Kool G Rap, Tony Yayo - mp3
I guess the move these days is a record label sending out tracks with their artist dissing them. I wonder if anyone will ever out mister Smith and his rather interesting relationships outside his marriage, I guess that's his business. But 50 is doing business with him. So hey birds of a feather. Prodigy, well didn't expect nothing special from him. G Rap I'd rather not hear him on anything like this again. And Yayo. Well he's still just as wack as he has been since he came home. What happened man? You use'tah could rhyme?

Next time let Brand Nubian, Tribe & Pharoahe rep Queens. Man you could get shame. Rather hear him right about now. Mediocrocy is a disease.

Hey Big Spendah!

Soooo what do you think about this one? I wonder if Freeway makes Salat before he goes in the booth...Les-tor likes the sample saying, 'Hey Big Spender'... That's about it...

Hey Big Spender - mp3


Lil' Wayne Rap City Freestyle (4/10/2007)

My biggest issue with Wayne these days has nothing to do with anything in the past that he's said that was just plain dumb. It's the thought about his past and whether or not he's had someone really write for him. This right here seems just too genuine to be written by anyone but him, but even still I'll always wonder. And it's the reason that I really can't listen to him. But regardless I gottah say that this dudes confidence is just sheerly amazing. For that he gets major props... Even if he has a ghost writer.