'The Harlem Experiment' On Ropeadope

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The third installment in Philly indie label Ropeadope's "city series" hits streets today. Featuring guests like Taj Mahal, James Hunter, Olu Dara, Queen Esther, Don Byron and the Harlem House Band (whose members have played with David Bowie, Tito Puente and Run D.M.C), 'The Harlem Experiment' serves up the hip-hop, jazz and soul that Harlem is recognized for around the world.

With 15 hand-picked tracks that dig deep into the soul of New York, this disc is for people who love music and love feelin' good - just like James Brown at the Apollo, Duke Ellington at the Cotton Club or Bird and Diz at a late-night jam session at Minton's Playhouse. According to the album's Grammy-winning producer Aaron Levinson, "Harlem was always THE intersection of American sound."

The critics have started talking about 'The Harlem Experiment' too:

"At a time when the rest of the world thinks that the CD is dead, Ropeadope brings it back to life by reminding us all what it's about in the first place - GOOD MUSIC - and The Harlem Experiment is up there with the very best." - Roy Felgoise, MOJO

"Reefer Man" video featuring Taj Mahal and Don Byron

"One For Jackie" MP3 featuring Harlem House Band and DJ Arkive

'The Harlem Experiment' on iTunes [ClickHere]



Royce Da 5'9" Track "Rewind"

Les-tor like this one. Royce giving respect to some of hiphop's great emcees instead of creating a fake beef or rhyming about himself...

[Click Here] to download Rewind

Rick Ross & R. Smelly - Speeding


Rick Ross & R.Kelly - Speeding - mp3

We'll ur uh, whatever...


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