Suicide, it's a suicide!

Sean Kingston for the role of Biggie Smalls in a bio pic entitled 'Notorius' is suicidal if you ask Les here. You didn't ask? So what. As if tossing this dead man's lyrics around with various artists over the years wasn't enough, now Christopher Wallace will have his likeness betrayed, I mean portrayed by soon to be R&B one hit wonder. Some nation wide casting call. Bleh... Would anyone like to waiger what amount of terrible this film will be? Ladies and gents, please place your bids in the comments field below...


Flash The Message: This Bloke Is Locked Up.

Les-tor was thinking about music before 2000 arrived and came across the now incarcerated John Forte. Nine Nine (Flash the Message) got a fair amount of airplay in the states. I wonder how John's hanging in there... 14 year minimum behind metal bars.

Download - Nine Nine (Flash the Message)
Download - Good Is Love God Is War


Joey Joe's Matrix Vibe Radio

Les-tor stumbled upon a new podcast streaming from SC. Here's the latest tracklisted mix...

Tracklisting for "Neo-Soul/Downtempo Mix #1":

1. Dwele "Rize Kcact Sventein"
2. Nicolay "Funk In The Hole"
3. Davina featuring Common "Come Over To My Place (Remix)"
4. Poe "Hello (E-Smoove Funk Mix)"
5. Brand New Heavies featuring Phonte "Sex God (Spinna Remix)"
6. DJ Spinna & Ticklah "The DJ Song"
7. Kim Hill "Summertime In Aspen (Beyond Real Remix)"
8. DJ Cam "Bounce"
9. Andwele G. "These Words (Instrumental)"
10. Soul II Soul "Missing You (Humanity Mix)"
11. Sara Devine "Special"
12. Tow Tei "Happy (Towa's Mental Mix)"
13. Floetry featuring Mos Def "Wanna B. Where U. R. (A Cappella)"
14. Mad Doll "Walk On By (Dun' Steppin' Mix)"
15. Sade "Super Bien Total"
16. Projections "Back A Ways"
17. J-Dilla "Come Close, Remix - Closer (Instrumental)"
18. Chuckii Booker "Turned Away (Acapella)"
19. Peven Everet "Testin Me (Wildchild Instrumental)"


M.V.R. Neo-Soul / Downtempo Mix #1


Prince & Nona Gaye - Lovesign

Nona Gaye is beautiful... But the question is... Is Prince prettier...
Great flashback video... Love it! Les-tor Man approves...