A mob in the field.

The south is responsible for more then a handful of jewels in the Hiphop genre contrary to what northerns would lead you to believe. One group that comes to my mind is Field Mob. With a new deal they're now on board with DTP (Disturbing Tha Peace) but what most disturbs me is what I said in a blog post last year. Not enough promotion. Earlier in the year we witnessed a single called, 'Georgia' with collaborators, Ludacris and Jamie Foxx surface. A grand video production that for the most part may have introduced listeners of mainstream Hiphop to the duo of Smoke and Shawn Jay for the first time, came and went. The Field Mob website's last announcement speaks of their August 24th appearance on Nick Cannon's Wild'n Out series on MTV. I have yet to hear their newest release and wonder how dissapointed I will end up being. I didn't even hear the song 'Bend Over Baby' in it's entirety because it's repetative intro annoys me. Nevertheless I do intend on listening to the album in full. When I do I'll get back to you with my thoughts. Until then, I'd really suggest you get a hold of a copy of 'From The Roota To Tha Toota'. This is an album I can say I fully enjoyed, minus one track. Shawn Jay and Smoke are talented emcees and writers of well put together songs accompanied by some fine production. Their rhymes show their intellgence, but like most southern artists along with the majority of artists nationwide, you just wouldn't know it based on the music that the machine chooses to dispatched through our media channels.

I found my copy of From Tha Roota, while diggin through tons of cd waste material during the final days of The Wiz's existance.

Listen up.

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