Celebrity Journalist Adam Bernard Slams Grubman PR For Terrible Treatment At Invite Only Event

How NOT To Throw An Event - The funniest home videos are here

The ridiculousness of the way people handle people especially those people that give press to events like Thursday nights Suzie Wong's gathering on the West Side is disgusting. Not only after having people that RSVP'ed and arrived on time stand online in the cold be told that they could not in fact be let in because the venue was at full capacity, the manner in which the group was asked to move then physically ushered from behind the velvet rope and off of the red carpet was deplorable. I was there, and was close to an altercation with security because one individual felt it necessary to place his hand on me during this totally rude process of removing bodies from in front of the space. It's quite amazing that an event that was so exclusive had it's list 'screwed up'. I guess that means that people who in fact weren't supposed to be there some how got in. Although the club is filled to capacity somehow if you happened to have rsvp'ed and made a table reservation ahead of time then there was space for you. I watched these guys turn away some folks from MTV even, while shunning a whole line of people that were from various media outlets. The worst thing is being lied to. When the lil blonde chick with the nasty attitude is running around with a clipboard basically sizing up a whole line of people and somehow certain individuals on the back of the line get moved upfront and escorted in, you pretty much know what type of situation you have going on. Don't waste people's time. You may find your venue opening one night and soon after closing. You're simply just not that important.

By the way Conscious if you're reading this, I'm not ducking you. I'll be in touch soon.