Re-Up Gang Bitch!

Far better than you favorite rappers, able to body most any track with that same ol drug rap, girlz rap, cars rap... Enter the Re-Up Gang, consisting of The Clipse, Sandman & Ab Liva in We Got It For Cheap Vol.3: The Spirit Of Competition. Truth is not many can compete with these D Boyz. Les-tor is most definitely impressed...

Check out Rainy Dayz over Jay-Z's Roc Boys track from American Gangster... Yes indeed they bodied it. I like their contribution to this track more so than Jay's...

Download Rainy Dayz [Click - Here]

Seems it's open season on the one that calls himself Jay Hova as Cavalier (Dugout member) and the Gif team up to drop intense barz over the original track that was sampled for American Gangster's Roc Boys to bring you Crop Boys.

Download Crop Boys [Click - Here]