Real Rap : Lightnin' Rod - Hustler's Convention

Don't act like you know when you really don't!
Lottah kats these days claim to know the real but when it comes down to it, they damn sure couldn't prove it. I stumbled upon this priceless jewel at the second hand record store, as I like to describe it. It had been a minute since I found an audio crown that I could vibe with. See I don't deal credit, but luckily, I just so happened to have my debit, and I proceeded to buy it. I'm really a mellow dude, attitude smoooooooth, never weeded or violent. Damn kat I'm slippin, I forgot to mention, the disk I copped at the shop was Lightnin Rod; Hustler's Convention.

You probably heard Common Sense speak of a Hustler's Convention during that ho/pimp track on Like Water For Chocolate. But didn't know about why he said it. You wouldn't even know to give credit to Lightin Rod (backed by Kool & The Gang) for this classic album vivdly detailing what went down at the Hustler's Convention.

Lightin Rod, tosses brilliant stories in yah ear bout, dice games, pretty hoes & shoot outs. Rude dudes with even ruder attitudes and joes that got their sooooooooooooooooouls aired out.
Wouldn't be surprisin, if you end up memorizin these lines like bible verses for old school morning chapel services. Just don't ever be a poser, spit these lines likes use suppossed tah, cause it won't be nothing cool about the gang, comin to expose and fold'yah.

If you've never heard this album. Things ain't gonna be right till you do.

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