The Basics EP

Bisc 1: The Basics EP

New York’s known for quite a few things; great food, drink and sometimes crime. The overwhelming amount of artists that either originate in the rotten-apple, or somehow make their way there in order to pursue their artistic careers is astounding. Sometimes, there’s just too much music; too much bad music. But there are some artists making their way up through the muck and shining rather brightly in the dark shadows of independent music, cast by a mainstream that seems to just not get it. The Basics EP is brought to you by Bisc 1, Mr. laid-back underground-circuit character, known in some circles more so for his talent in the visual arts.

The introduction track entitled ‘The Basics’ sounds like, an entrance into a dream that makes gradual well balanced changes from beginning to end, sprinkles of a black and white psychedelic backdrop, with raspy vocals poured into mold. The end result of what the chorus describes. One is for the work / 2 is for the love / 3 is for the life… I can’t get enough.

The less personal ‘Crumbs’ is meant to amp an audience behind stage barriers or beneath oversized earphone-Hiphop-tune sound providers. The track plays like an anthem challenging the listener to enjoy life despite the naysayers and negative vibes often tossed in the direction of those that go after their dreams. Livin life given a lil more the a f*$%. That’s what’s up!

‘2nd Hands’ addresses the countless individuals that just can’t seem to focus on their own affairs. It’s obvious that Bisc 1 has issues with this, so much so it warranted a full length track on a 6 track EP. Hmm…

‘Pieces’ sounds like a journal entry after a long day of questions pondered. Answers that came through writing that could only be channeled through self, not through the experiences of another being. Part of life is actually living it through experiences.

A past of looking for love in all the wrong places, and admittedly, realizing that maybe his approach might not have been the best one, instead of complaining that a fair companion doesn’t exist is what ‘Lights Out’ reveals about this artist. He describes finding the ‘One’ and proceeds to deliver a story that men from all walks of life have shared at some point, lookin a good woman right in the face and not acknowledging her until it’s too late.

The final track in this culmination of thoughts deemed basic by it’s creator is funky- electronic I guess when it come down to the ‘Decompression’ of things this is the result. The cool airy chorus will stick with you. Bisc has a more forceful tone on this one. It may be one of my favorites.

The say all be all is that The Basics EP is not only worthy of coin but deserves your undivided attention. It’s like a cool conversation you might have with Bisc 1 outside of one of New York’s many music venues where this artist my be found delivering his tale of life through mics on any given night.

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