Me'Shell Ndegéocello : Beautiful in more then one way.

Les-tor must admit that he's stared at the photo above for much longer then any person should view any image. But so what. This comfort woman is a divine sight for sore eyes and her vocals can be just as soothing as a warm bath blessed with the right mixture of Satsuma oil and an assorted bathing salts. I wanted to take a moment and make note of one of the best albums I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. An album that I must affirm most importantly, I purchased. Unfortunately, I did not make that purchase at a chain record store where the soundscan would be counted.

Me'Shell Ndegéocello is a dynamic creator of soundscapes that capture emotion. She is an ever- changing ball of influentional energy. She epitomizes to me at least what it is to represent versitility in the midst of the mediocracy that plagues mainstream music culture ( independents are just as bad). She is a beacon for those that may have similar chameleon abilities but lack the power to assert them due to the onslaught of naysaying and adversity they are faced with when trying to be themselves and release their version of a message to the world. I applaud Me'Shell for being what many are afraid to be. Different. It is those artist like herself that push forward the evolution of music, plainly put.

Check out Comfort Woman a great album meant to be heard late night in the dim light with the shades drawn, candles lit and perhaps a bit of your favorite frgrant oil burning into the wee hours.

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obifromsouthlondon said...

yeah sweetheart is all that. had the pleasure of seeing her in concert back in the early 90s. really earthy stuff. aint heard her in time so will check it out.

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