S.A.S. - Streets All Salute

More violence! More Gunplay! More street stories we’ve all heard before, only this time the voices are London accented. Unfortunately, for me this trip through UK Dipsetville was rather unenthused and wore thin very quickly. The album is long, seems like it will never end and I my friend am not even convinced that these boys are from the land of tea sipping. I assumed I’d be welcomed to the home town of these glassy narrators with a little bit of the native lingo and mentions of hood haunts I could visit when in the area. But no, what my ears witnessed was more so an almost soulless choreography produced by bird gang ghost writers. The most outstanding performance on SAS actually comes from Dipset’s always charmingly confident young star Juelz Santana speaking some of the realest words you’ll hear on this album. They say you shouldn’t fight for colors on a rag/ well we shouldn’t like we shouldn’t fight for colors on a flag/ America open yah eyes to the fact/ it’s a war goin on and it’s not in Iraq

This album is not in my personal rotation. It will never be. It only spun long enough for me to absorb it so I could regurgitate this short review. On another note I must say that I am rather impressed by the energy that is behind the Dipset movement that has reached the far reaches of the globe. Too bad the freshman release of S.A.S. is not as strong as the movement behind it.


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