Wilson Pickett: 1941-2006

You know I don't even want to get into it. Another singing soul has made his journey in physical form and left us for his next mission. Over at Soulshower Blog of course the good people have posted a tribute. I feel it necessary to syndicate that post.

Wilson "Wicked" Pickett

Less than two weeks after the death of Lou Rawls, soul music has lost another legend. Wilson Pickett died of a heart attack today, he was 64. Pickett started out with a group called the Falcons and moved on to have an extremely successful solo career in soul music. His first solo hit was "In The Midnight Hour," a song Pickett co-wrote with Steve Cropper. "The Wicked Pickett" was more raw than many of his popular contemporaries and his hits were almost uptempo, danceable tunes. He recorded and toured for years after his prime, including 1999's critically acclaimed album It's Harder Now. Pickett is survived by a fiance and four children. The man's music will live on forever, no tribute is great enough to remember this man and a half.

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