Modern Nostalgia Vol. 1. A mixtape to look forward to.

This mixtape looks to be a nice little piece of Hiphop to add to your collection. Don't be a sourpuss listen to a new artist. Give the kid a chance, he seems to know what he's doing. He has respect for the culture and doesn't have a scheme of getting rich off of some rhymes.

Check out the intro to Modern Nostalgia Vol. 1 courtesy of Free Hiphop Now's server.
"Listen/Elaboration - Redhead" play HiFi (mp3) download (1.81 MB)

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obifromsouthlondon said...

yup! the intro is bangin', the old art of scratching in full effect. good stuff.

les it's not the fault of the kids. they get spoon fed everything these days. so only the persistent find the new shit.